Rapsody Fishing Rods

Dean Meckes exclusively uses Rapsody rods… We have the option to use whatever rods we think will help us put more fish in the boat and we choose Rapsody. Unparalleled sensitivity, light weight and durability make Rapsody rods hard to beat. The recoil guides are a must for us as they can stand up to the torture of heavy use.

Rapsidy fishing rods perform. They feature cutting edge designs and top quality components. All rods are hand assembled with tremendous attention to given to every detail. At Rapsody, we cut no corners because like you, we are passionate about fishing.  Thank you for taking the time to discover The Rapsody Fishing Company. We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about our products. We constantly expand our offerings, so please check our website frequently to see what is new.

ChaumontBay Bass Guides

Lake Ontario’s Chaumont Bay is a hidden gem amongst Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass anlgers. Chaumont Bay offers diverse cover rangind from shallow rock shoals that harbor giany Smallmouth Bass to grass bays that Largemouth Bass call home and everything between. Chaumont Bay is a tricky area of water at best to get a pattern going, but once you find out what the Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass are on you can put a hurtin’ on them. Dean Meckes has been fishing Chaumont Bay and Eastern Lake Ontario for Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass for as long as he can remember. His knowledge of Chaumont Bay Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass allows him to put guide clients on the fish all the time. Don’t go out in hopes of getting on some Chaumont Bay Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass; let Dean Meckes, professional fishing guide, take you out on Chaumont Bay and know you are going to get on fish. Chaumont Bay offers full season Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass opportunities and there is no better Chaumont Bay Fishing Guide than Dean Meckes to help you capitalize on those opportunities. Click Here to contact Chaumont Bay Fishing Guide, Dean Meckes and book your trip now.

1000 Islands Smallmouth Bass

The 1000 Islands have been a long time famous summertime getaway for both anglers and vacationers alike. With over 1800 scenic islands and incredibly clear water, the region not only makes for one of the best smallmouth factories in the world but also one of the most picturesque fisheries to be found anywhere. This is one of the most beautiful smallmouth bass fishing venues in the world. This fishery is very diverse and the smallmouth bass are in very specific locations, based on season, weather and water temperature. There is never a dull moment fishing the 1000 Islands Region, you could be fishing within view of both Boldt Castle and Singer Castle as passing freighters navigate the islands on their way to and from their far away destinations.

The smallmouth bass population of the St. Lawrence, 1000 Islands and Lake Ontario have undergone an amazing metamorphosis over the past few years. The introduction of invasive species the round goby has served as a forage, like no other, for the growth of smallmouth bass. In recent years the average weight of smallmouth bass has increased substantially. It is not uncommon to catch multiple 4lb fish any given day on the water on the St. Lawrence, 1000 Islands or Lake Ontario. Smallmouth bass upwards and over 6lbs are not surprising anymore either. The 1000 Islands and Lake Ontario have turned into the perfect storm for smallmouth bass fishing. The area offers the perfect combination of cover, consistent forage and a healthy population of fish.

Drop Dean a line and he would be happy to get you on the water to experience first hand what the 1000 Islands and Lake Ontario have to offer the smallmouth bass angler or any other species that swims the waters of the 1000 Islands and Lake Ontario.  Click Here to contact Dean and book a 1000 Islands or Lake Ontario fishing guide trip unequaled by anyone in the region.