Rapsody Fishing Rods

Dean Meckes exclusively uses Rapsody rods… We have the option to use whatever rods we think will help us put more fish in the boat and we choose Rapsody. Unparalleled sensitivity, light weight and durability make Rapsody rods hard to beat. The recoil guides are a must for us as they can stand up to the torture of heavy use.

Rapsidy fishing rods perform. They feature cutting edge designs and top quality components. All rods are hand assembled with tremendous attention to given to every detail. At Rapsody, we cut no corners because like you, we are passionate about fishing.  Thank you for taking the time to discover The Rapsody Fishing Company. We encourage you to explore our website to learn more about our products. We constantly expand our offerings, so please check our website frequently to see what is new.